A Guide to the San Diego Zoo

May 15th, 2010
San Diego Zoo

San Diego Zoo

If you have never been to the San Diego Zoo before, I would suggest going on the guided tour first. It only lasts about 40 minutes, and takes you around the entire zoo. The tour has plenty of stops where you can see many of the most popular animals such as African elephants, tigers, and bears. The Zoo is huge, so taking the guided tour is also a good way to familiarize yourself with its layout.

The bus drops you off near the elephants, where you will also find tigers and leopards. If you want to grab a bite to eat, there are a couple of nearby places where you can get some good food. After you finish the tour I would suggest walking around the edges of the park. The Zoo is round, so you will see most of the animals by going around the edges. You will find zebras, bears, camels, and many other interesting animals that I never even knew existed.

Down the middle of the Zoo was probably my favorite because we got to see the Absolutely Apes exhibit. Here you will find orangutans and chimps in action, and in my personal opinion, I think they were trained to entertain visitors. They seem to love the attention of all the people watching them because they come right up to the glass and find funny things to do. The more people point and take pictures, the more creative they get.

If you continue down the middle of the park and go down the long escalator, you will run into the most popular exhibit at the San Diego Zoo, the Giant Panda. As you would imagine, this exhibit is always crowded. I had to wait in line about an hour to see a not so giant, but very cute sleeping panda bear. If you have never seen a panda in your life, then I would highly suggest that you check it out. You will probably never see one outside of the San Diego Zoo.

The San Diego Zoo is definitely worth a visit, and I would recommend getting there early because it closes pretty early, around 4pm. Fortunately there are tons of things to do within Balboa Park and plenty of nearby places to hang out.

Tips for Your Disney Vacation

May 10th, 2010
Disney Vacation

Disney Vacation

When to Visit

The first of our Walt Disney World Tips is to carefully choose the time of year when you will vacation. Take into consideration if it is tourist season as you will avoid a lot of the crowds if you visit off-season. You also might want to avoid the summer months as the Florida weather can get very uncomfortable. Lastly, research the park’s schedules for different times of the year because parks in the Walt Disney World Resort tend to stay open later during various months.

Rise and Shine

Set your alarm and get to the park early. Arriving at the water parks before noon is a great way to avoid the crowds. Also, Animal Kingdom closes early so arriving in the morning will give you plenty of time to relax and look around. If you want to have breakfast in the Magic Kingdom then get there early and head for either the Crystal Palace or Cinderella’s Royal Table. Both are located on Main Street USA, which opens earlier than the rest of The Magic Kingdom. When the rest of the park opens you will have quite a headstart on the other visitors who will still have to buy tickets to get in the park.

Riding Without the Wait

Fastpass is your friend. Some people are under the mistaken impression that you have to pay to use Fastpass, but that isn’t the case. This handy-dandy little freebie allows you to avoid the lines and get right on a ride.

Getting Something to Eat at the Park

If you are planning to skip the food stands in favor of the restaurants, then Priority Seating is a must. It is, in most cases, free and involves no commitment. Priority Seating does not mean that you have reserved a table. It is basically just the restaurant version of Fastpass i.e. you get to avoid the lines.

Buying Souvenirs

Purchase the majority of your Disney goodies at the World of Disney Store in the Downtown Disney Marketplace. That way you will be able to use your annual pass or Amex to get a discount.

Buying Tickets

It is highly recommended that you purchase your tickets in advance. That way when you get to the park won’t have to wait in line. If you wait to buy your tickets at the park then you are in for a very long wait. Buying tickets in advance allows you to head straight into the park upon arrival. Another bonus is the fact that you can easily find tickets discounted below gate prices.

Family Vacation in Costa Rica

May 5th, 2010
Family Vacation in Costa Rica

Family Vacation in Costa Rica

Costa Rica, a small country filled with sun, beaches, vulcanos, buses, good food and party!

No one will leave Costa Rica feeling they did not have a good time.

Family Vacation in Costa Rica

You will not have any problem visiting Costa Rica even with small children. Costa Rica is a country where most families have more then 1 child. The food is good and the number of tropical diseases found in Costa Rica is no problem.

There are som many beaches where the waves are smaller in size and the hotels and cabins have pools, that choosing a place to have fun is no problem.

Vacations for Couples

A tropical paradise. A couple can go anywhere in the country and enjoy tranquility, serenety as well as the party side of life.

Many hotels and hostels have special romantic deals, tours and packages to make your stay something even more special. If you choose a smaller, more secluded and private place to stay, talk to the owner and explain that you’re a couple looking for some quality time, hand in hand, and they will most often do their best to help you out in any way they can.

Honeymoon in Costa Rica

The same goes for a wedding and/or honeymoon. Religion is important in Costa Rica and you can most likely find a church and priest for a wedding in almost any bigger religion.

And the honeymoon?

You can find special honeymoon packages in most hotels, and resorts. One of the best is a very romantic stay in playa Hermosa where you can go on sunset sailings at night. Or go full out with a moviestar expensive vacation in Four Season Hotel in Guanacaste.


As in all parts of the world can singles have a good time. Party all night long and let your feet do the talking to the rythm of salsa.

Many bars, nighclubs and places where there are fiestas almost everyday can be found under every rock!

So take a look at Costa Rica for your next vacation, as it will never let you down!