Hotel Cattolica

September 5th, 2011

Cattolica, that have the honor of a mention in the Divine Comedy: Canto XXVIII Dante mentions in the Inferno, where the sowers of discord are punished, the law of retaliation to their expected physical segregation of their body equal to that which their moral , sowing discord, have resulted in life. The town of Romagna was appointed about a prophecy made by the core group, which includes the fate of two Fano who rebel against the tyranny of their lord, according to the damned soul will be thrown out of their very own ship in Cattolica .

With an eye to this, we see that of course Catholic, and therefore the number of hotel Cattolica, still enjoys its geographic location and offers the benefit to the thousands of tourists each year hosts, in addition to its natural luck, Catholic boasts a large aquarium “Le Navi”, which covers an area of ??110 thousand square meters, overlooking the sea, gives to the imagination, leaving imagine being really under water. The name comes from the shape of the aquarium buildings and their arrangement, reminiscent of a fleet, and its strength are the sharks, which is home to several species, for a total of 50 individuals.

On the beach of Cattolica, then you may find mysteriously smoothed stones, but if there is nothing there, no matter: three sails in the Blue Guide of Legambiente and the Blue Flag in 2007 promising a beautiful beach and a beautiful sea, with or without a city submerged .