Are You Ready for Helicopter Skiing?

June 25th, 2011

Is helicopter skiing for you? Itís best to ask this surfing online than in the seat of a helicopter careening over untouched mountain ranges. This is a sport that takes a certain degree of fitness, skiing experience, and adventurous soul. Here is a check list to run through in deciding whether or not helicopter skiing is a good choice for your next thrill seek.

helicopter skiing

Are you in good health?

Youíll need to be in pretty good shape due to the high altitudes of helicopter skiing. If you do have any health problems, check with a doctor about whether or not such a trip would be a good idea. Do you suffer from shortage of breath? How are your leg muscles?

Can you handle danger?

Safety is always the number one priority of helicopter skiing outfits. Youíll likely have an experienced guide, but youíll be in remote wilderness, so anything can happen. Be sensible. Heliskiing is enough of a rush without taking unneeded risks.

Do you have the dough?

helicopter skiing

Helicopter skiing takes an investment. Youíre chartering a small helicopter with experienced guides to the outer reaches of civilization. You can bet itís going to cost you. At the same time, itís the thrill of a lifetime. If youíve got the income and the health, give it a try. Helicopter skiing is like no other skiing experience on earth.

How experienced of a skier are you?

Helicopter skiing is no sport for beginners or novices. You should already be a top of the line skier before embarking on the trip. You need to be able to handle deep powder to slick spring conditions, as you never know what Mother Nature will dish out.